Six great Spanish companies to trade on the stock market today

6 Ibex 35 companies to trade on the stock market today

Six companies appear as the most prominent to trade on the stock market today. These are Endesa, Caixabank, Inditex Mapfre Telefónica and Colonial according to the trading machine developed by Strategias de Inversión. This service determines the profitability of the investment in the short term through the total moment of the action, the volume of purchase, the oversold and the range of variation of the security together with the Average True Range (ATR) index.


The electric company presents a positive overall moment accompanied by a high total volume of short-term securities. However, it registers an overbought and an intermediate variation range that it confirms with the 2.34% that marks its ATR.


The bank reflects a positive overall moment, but an intermediate volume of short-term securities. In addition, it indicates a slight overbought and a reduced variation range with an ATR of 2.41% which indicates a good position in terms of volatility.

According to José Antonio González, Investment Strategies technical analyst, “CaixaBank is once again recovering positions in the very short term, approaching the resistance zone of around 2,826 / 2.74 euros per share. The volume seems to want to gradually recover positions, while the MACD oscillator, without accumulating overbought readings, activates short-term buy signals, arguments that support an upcoming attack on resistance ”.


The textile company points to a positive total momentum and a volume located in the middle point with a downward dynamic. The stock is slightly overbought, its variation range reduced slightly, which places it at an ATR of 2.46%.


The insurer presents a positive overall moment. With regard to the volume of their titles, this is low, which is a negative point in the short term. With respect to the rest of the variables, it is in overbought potential and in intermediate volatility with an ATR of 2.55%.

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The telecommunications entity is also on this list thanks to its overall positive moment. Its volume signals intermediate results that are accompanied by a small indication of overbought and a slightly high variation range with an ATR of 3.65%.

José Antonio González remarks that “the price once again approaches the resistance of 4.138 euros per share, consolidating above its simple moving average of 40 periods or in the medium term and, exceeding it, would enable the price to attack the decreasing guideline background, step prior to 4,555 euros per share.


The real estate company reflects a positive overall moment, but points to a low total volume of its titles as a negative point. On the other hand, it has a slight overbought potential together with an intermediate variation range that marks an ATR of 2.62%, which is why it remains stable in terms of its volatility. This makes the real estate sector one of the best options for Socimis.

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