Six French people confused Bucharest with Budapest and lost France vs. Hungary

Not knowing Europe widely enough took its toll on six French people who wanted to see the French National Team play against Hungary on the second day of the Euro 2020. They confused the city of the match and instead of watching the game in the stadium they had to settle for watching it in a bar.

León, Joel, Didier, Manuel, Jaques and another León were the adventurous Frenchmen who left their country to follow the trail of Mbappé, Griezmann and Benzema. Only they confused the place of the game, France played in Budapest (Hungary) and they ended up in Bucharest (Romania).

Journalist Adi Munteanu, from the Jurnalul newspaper, told the story of the meeting he held with the protagonists. Ukraine and Austria played in Bucharest, so the communicator met the lost French on a terrace at the Old Center. They were with other Ukrainians, but they did not sing.

“Are you coming from Kiev?” They told me in French: “We are French.” “And do you support Ukraine?” “Not. I came here by mistake. It is becoming increasingly clear that we are not where we should be ”. They were dizzy, and a little upset. “Well, where did you have to go? In Budapest, in the Hungary-France match ”. I did not know how to interpret this. Either they are kidding me or they have ruined the cities. I started to laugh. Well, suspect me. I said calm down. “Gentlemen, I am a Romanian journalist, and let me help you,” Munteanu recounted.

One of the travelers looked in his backpack for the plane ticket and noticed that León’s said Budapest, but Joel’s was destined for Bucharest. And after checking all of them, they realized that the travel agency gave them three tickets for one city and three for the other. They, with bad luck, chose the wrong one.

“They blamed us (agency), because we don’t know the difference between Bucharest and Budapest. I booked all the tickets at once. How to give us three here and three there? And the bad luck is that we all get here and no further. It’s like in the movies with fools, with the hidden camera, ”Joel said in frustration.

In the end they reflected and commented that they must learn more about Europe, their continent. And they watched the game on television, their team drew 1-1 against Hungary.

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