Six fell in a neighborhood linked to the Tepito Union where two Mazahua children were allegedly dismembered

The actions were carried out by Investigative Police, the capital police and the National Guard (Video: SSC)

Following an operation by federal and local forces, six people were arrested, allegedly linked to The Union Tepito and who were in the vicinity of the Republic of Cuba 86, where last October they would have been dismembered two minors engaged in informal trade.

According to security sources, several doses of cocaine and marijuana were also secured, as well as various cell phone equipment. By shared images it is appreciated that the detainees are three men and three women.

After the people were made aware of their rights, agents of the capital, ministerial and the National Guard, They were transferred to the Special Prosecutor for the Investigation of the Crime of Narcomenudeo, where your legal situation will be determined.

Republic of Cuba 86 It is located just three blocks from National Palace, where the president dispatches and lives Andrés Manuel López Obrador. In that place, the friends Hector (14 years old) and Alan (Age 12) would have been tortured, murdered and their bodies shattered. This occurred between October 28 and the night of November 1 of last year.

The actions in this property of the Historic Center were carried out from 5:00 p.m. to 8:15 p.m., when Omar Garcia Harfuch, Secretary of Security of Mexico City, reported the records and the persons insured.

“Personnel from @SSC_CDMX, @GN_MEXICO_ and @PDI_FGJCDMX executed 6 search warrants on a property related to the death of 2 minors in #October 2020, located on # RepúblicaDeCuba street in @AlcCuauhtemocMx; the buildings were secured and 6 people were arrested, ”the capital official posted on Twitter.

That crime happened so close to the official residence of the president. Cuba 86 is a domicile like others in the area, but at the same time so particular: used by members of the Union Tepito to take and beat those who refused to pay extortion and other crimes. It is now known that the rooms in that neighborhood have also been used to store drugs.

According to calculations from the Calc Maps portal, this The criminal cell’s operations center is located within a radius of 630 meters from where AMLO decided to live during his six-year term. According to Google Maps, they are 10 minute walk between one point and another.

The case of the dismembered children

Between the 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 1 and the first minutes of Monday, November 2, Baltazar “N” was in charge of taking the remains of Alan and Héctor.. I had barely turned the corner on the Republic of Chile, after leaving Cuba 86, and I was about to reach Belisario Domínguez. Wore the dismembered bodies in black bags that in turn were in plastic boxes, accommodated in a “little devil”.

But wanting to get around the edge of a broken sidewalk, he pushed the wheelbarrow hard and threw the load, spreading the content in the pedestrian way a few meters from a policeman, as seen in videos broadcast of the moment. This operator of La Unión returned to Cuba 86 and communicated to Edgar Zúñiga to go pick up “the garbage”.

The Zúñiga He arrived and began to lift the bags, then the officers approached to try to help him, but they noticed that a very strong smell was emitted, difficult to breathe. Then they noticed that among the load they protruded extremities. They arrested the individual, who claimed to be homeless and addicted and who only went to pick up the bags in exchange for two staples of cocaine, without knowing what it was about. After investigating his data at the Prosecutor’s Office, it was learned that he was from the Tepito Union.

By November 4, family members identified the remains that belonged to the missing adolescents. Went up On November 5, the capital authorities arrested Baltazar “N”, after having tracked him down through video surveillance cameras in the area. I was in the Republic of Cuba 86, where they were found remains of blood and clothing belonging to Alan and Hector. In the afternoon of that Thursday he was also arrested Jose David, The Chayan, superior of Zúñiga and Baltazar.

All that week several hypotheses were running about the motive for the murder. Press versions reported that the parents of the minors would have refused to pay the “floor fee”, charged by criminals to those who carry out informal commerce in the first square of the capital. Finally it took three months for new search warrants to be issued in the neighborhood de Cuba 86, apparently, because it continued to be used as a local narco office.

Information in development …