Six bullish Ibex 35 values ​​to watch out for right now

As long as the Ibex 35 continues to trade at these levels without losing a key reference, investors can continue to analyze securities with the aim of taking positions. At the macroeconomic level this Tuesday the International Monetary Fund (IMF) adjusted its growth expectations by raising its forecast for global economic growth for 2021 from 5.5 to 6%, in part thanks to the continuous injections of liquidity by part of the United States and vaccination processes.

Six bullish Ibex 35 values ​​to watch out for right now

Six bullish Ibex 35 values ​​to watch out for right now

While this Wednesday the purchasing manager indices (PMI) in the euro area were known. Business activity in the euro zone grew again last month, underpinned by a record expansion in the manufacturing sector. The composite PMI, which combines industry and services and is considered a good indicator of economic health, rose from 48.8 to 53.2, above the preliminary estimate of 52.5.

Stability on the Ibex 35, all-time highs on the Dax 30 and the EuroStoxx 600, rises also on Wall Street, good macroeconomic tone … What values ​​show a good tone on the Ibex 35? Are there opportunities? According to the technical indicators of Investment Strategies, which give a rating to the shares based on parameters such as the trend, the volatility – range of amplitude -, the trading volume and the moment, there are up to six values ​​of the Spanish selective with a higher score or equal to nine. Six values ​​six, outstanding.

These include companies such as Almirall, Acciona, IAG (Iberia), Fluidra, Bankinter and Mapfre. In the case of Fluidra shares they have risen to 235.61% from the minimum of March 2020, thanks to this, it has just become part of the main Spanish index to replace Bankia after the merger by absorption of Caixabank.

“Technically, the uptrend is clear. However, when rising vertically, the medium-term support is very far away, so the entry point is no longer good, which does not indicate that it cannot continue to be held in the portfolio. It has left a resistance at 25.56 euros and the closest important support is at 22.40 euros. The loss of this level would increase the probability of major corrections, the long-term moving average now stands at 19.60 euros ”, explains Sergio Ávila, IG analyst.

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For his part, the analyst José Antonio González explains that the price of IAG (Iberia) “is approaching for the third time the area of ​​2.575 / 2.56 euros per share, the first without accumulated overbought in short-term price oscillators , but without showing a high contracting activity that reduces the reliability of the approach to significant resistance ”.

Regarding Acciona, González comments that “Manages to extend in time and form its growing structure in recent weeks, consolidating above its simple moving average of 40 periods or in the medium term and gradually approaching the annual maximums projected from 147.10 euros per share ”.

“Bankinter the price stagnates in the short term as a result of the accumulation of accumulated overbought readings in price oscillators. For the moment, the price continues to maintain its growing guideline in the medium term, which allows it to maintain a certain margin to attend a corrective process in future sessions due to the need to continue purging excesses ”, he adds.

“Mapfre registers a new momentum by setting new annual highs at 1,837 euros per share. In this sense, the medium-term recovery process will not begin to be questioned as long as the price does not consolidate under the next support to watch, it is projected from 1,633 euros, a level that is an approximation to its simple moving average of 40 periods or half. term ”, he emphasizes.

By last, Almirall reached 13.39 euros per share after a recommendation from Goldman Sachs analysts on March 29. Since then, the price has turned lower looking for 12.58 euros per share as the rally was not accompanied by much volume and the MACD oscillator approached overbought readings. The simple moving average of 40 periods or the medium term and the growing guideline starts from 9.01 / 8.62 euros, so that support should be monitored.