Site of the day: An online page to sell your car immediately

Buying a car can be a frustrating process for people. Some want a popular model so much, but don’t have the resources for the vehicle, that they get creative. Trends such as the electrification of the automotive industry must also be taken into account. And of course it is always nice to try to find discounts on special dates. Perhaps the only process that is equal in complexity is precisely selling the used vehicle.

The vast majority of people may use their current model with an official dealer of their favorite brand to finance a new car. But others might want to liquidate you entirely for one reason or another. And it is they who will face a rather complicated challenge. And it is not only about finding a business or a person who is willing to buy the model in question. Besides, it is negotiating a price for the vehicle that leaves everyone happy.

An online platform to sell your car immediately

This is where the Olx Autos project comes in. This website already existed in Mexico for some time, under the name Vende Tu Auto. However, the business recently merged with Olx Group, a Prosus-branded automotive classifieds platform. Thus, a new face is showing in the country. But its objective remains the same: to facilitate the sale of any vehicle through digital tools.

This platform is quite simple. People who want to sell their car, should only enter the official business site. From there, just fill out a short form to make the vehicle quote. The offer uses a market intelligence algorithm to arrive at the fairest selling proposition for the business and owner in question. And all you need is to have basic data such as model, make, version, year and mileage.

Once the data is entered and an evaluation (digital or face-to-face) of the car is made, you can proceed to a final offer. Not only can the process be completed from head to toe in a single day. Also, people who are happy with the site’s business proposition shouldn’t wait for a buyer to show up. As soon as they accept the transaction, they will receive the money directly to your account. So a frustrating process becomes much easier.