Site of the day: An app to make lists, but in collaborative mode

Having a good organization is one of the most valuable professional skills that employees can aspire to today. It not only helps to motivate and focus, something that is crucial when completing specific tasks. It also helps to be more in control of life at work, something that can boost almost anyone’s career. While there are several tools that enhance these capabilities, one of the best is lists.

These documents are not only the most basic and simple point to have a much more organized life. Perhaps precisely because of their simplicity, lists are perfect for boosting people’s productivity. Just having the information and pending items in one place is enough so that they are not lost from view, and therefore that they can be given better prioritization. But perhaps one of their worst downsides is that they are generally personal.

Team lists in a simple app

It is precisely this problem that the Taskade platform seeks to solve. As its name implies, it is a digital tool for creating and organizing lists. Like other similar apps, it allows consumers to create an unlimited number of documents and files to track projects, to-dos and activities. But its greatest added value is that it can be shared with others, unlocking the power of collaboration.

Not only can you generate simple links that can be shared to anyone, whether they have the app or not. If a work team downloads the platform, they can be assigned one or more collaborative lists. These are not only updated in real time, with synchronization across all devices (smartphone, tablet or PC). It is also possible to use tags and mentions, as well as hashtags, to be able to divide them between projects, tasks and activities.

It also has a simple interface that allows you to edit, create, modify or update all the lists with just a few taps. In this way, regardless of which team you are working from, all team members can have a much more profitable and dynamic organization. And while it’s perfect for professional purposes, it can even be used for more informal and personal collaborative activities. So it is worth checking out.