Site of the day: A social platform to find new friends

Social media is one of the most important markets today. They have not only become crucial for brands to communicate directly with the public. At the same time, it allows businesses to be part of the trends that make them look up-to-date and even relevant. They can even help strengthen company-employee ties. But, in theory, its main function is to serve as a channel for people to meet and live with friends.

Although many of the current tools of leaders such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter still focus on these types of activities, little by little they have given way to other tasks. Nowadays, it seems that their interest is in the creation and strategic distribution of content, so that people spend as much time as possible within the platform. Being with friends, and especially meeting new people, can take a back seat. There are opportunities there.

An app for people to discover new friends

There are companies that have decided to fill the space left by the giants of this industry in this regard. One of them is Yubo. This platform describes itself as a place where people can make new friends. The idea is that people can connect with each other with strangers, based on their common tastes or interests in various subjects. And thus, to create much larger and more satisfactory personal networks.

In addition to focusing on discovering and interacting with friends, this app has another element that distinguishes it from the leaders in social networks. The main interaction tool within the app are live videos. People can organize direct streams with their entire base of acquaintances and followers. In this way, even at a distance, you can start to create more dynamic interaction dynamics. Or, find interesting content to watch.

There is another thing that distinguishes this app. To make new friends, it is important to get to know each other on a deeper level, but also to share fun and interesting experiences. This app is responsible for providing some dynamics and simple games, which can be combined with live videos to make them interesting. For example, answering personal questions or challenging Would You Rather? So, it is a site worth trying.