Site of the day: A platform to easily find freelance talent

The search for talent is constantly highlighted as one of the most complex challenges for companies. Several organizations experience constant problems with the flight of the most successful collaborators, for one reason or another. Some companies have tried to beef up their internal recruiting measures to deal with some of these difficulties. And during the pandemic, many of the management challenges, with the home office, became even more serious.

While any type of talent search and management is complex, there is one type that is generally more difficult than retro: Freelancers. Many times companies carry out temporary projects for which they do not need permanent specialists. Here, independent experts can be of great help. The problem, of course, is finding people who live up to the company’s standards, not just reliably but quickly.

A platform to find freelance talent

Although it might seem like an almost impossible challenge to solve, there are some companies and brands that have taken it upon themselves to solve the problem in the best possible way. Among them is the Fiverr platform. This platform is precisely responsible for helping companies and freelance specialists to connect in a much more dynamic and simple way. Although it is not a new project, it has just officially launched its services within the Republic.

On the platform, you can find more than 400 categories to find freelance talent. Among the most popular are logo design, website optimization and customization, as well as voice over professionals. There are even specialists in video content creation and social media management that can help brands give their strategy a boost. Thus, multiple needs can be met.

There are also several advantages that this platform offers to businesses. The talent listed has a wide variety of capacities and budgets, ideal for both large companies and small businesses. Also, contract prices are all listed per project, which helps organizations get a clearer picture of the investment. Thus, it is a tool that would be crucial to solve the lack of talent within brands.