The most widespread voice assistants are already beginning to implement indications to solve the questions of their users against the coronavirus. As CNBC reported this weekend, Apple has already placed answers to the main doubts against the coronavirus.

In the same way, also Amazon has put artificial intelligence to work in Alexa, as well as Google some functions within its Assistant.

A quiz on Siri, the grain of sand against the coronavirus

When faced with generic questions about the coronavirus, such as “How do I know if I have coronavirus?” or “Do I have coronavirus?”, Siri has started to implement a series of answers that guide us to obtain official information without intermediaries.

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In the United States, it crystallizes in the form of a questionnaire asking about symptoms the clearest of this epidemic: fever, dry cough or trouble breathing. When in doubt, he advises to be vigilant to take isolation measures, and if so, facilitates the call to 112 American, as we read in The Verge.

However, in Spain it still answers questions related to a link to the official page of the Ministry of Health.

Other actors like Google and Amazon have also implemented some Additional informational features surrounding the coronavirus, facilitating access to official sources. In the case of Google, it now implements a system that ‘reads’ to us aloud what the main symptoms are, citing the World Health Organization – WHO / WHO – as a source.

For its part, Amazon gives a response very similar to that of Google, also encouraging us to stay home In case we tell you that we want to abandon it, with the hashtag of the movement #YoMeQuedoEnCasa.

Many countries have already been forced to take distancing measures because of the coronavirus crisis. The general recommendation in Spain is to avoid all expendable contact, extreme hygiene, as well as contact by telephone – calling 112 – with the emergency services if you notice any of the three main symptoms of the disease: dry cough, fever and shortness of breath.

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