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SIP Trunk, the bridge to All IP business communications.

VoIP solutions are the future of PBXs. The obsolescence of ISDN networks and traditional PBX systems are encouraging companies to make the leap to the cloud in their business communications. The health crisis has highlighted the importance of maintaining a fluid, stable and secure connection regardless of the access device and the user’s location. A decisive requirement in a context where teleworking has become the “new normal”.

Although many organizations are willing to move their telephony to a pure cloud environment, others fear the operational cost that this process could entail. However, there are proposals on the market that make this migration possible without the need to change its infrastructure. This is the case of services SIP Trunk that serve as intermediaries between conventional telephone systems and VoIP systems; since it consists of a link that interconnects the switching equipment. A SIP trunk works as a virtual connection between a company and its facilities and the entity in charge of being its IP telephony provider. For this you can use lines that link various SIP Trunks to different IP traffic, or over the Internet, through a VPN. In short, this technique connects the IP network of a company to the conventional telephone network through the Internet using the SIP trunk instead of the telephone connections of the exchanges.

Nconnect Voice 2.0

NFONrenew your SIP Trunk solution with Nconnect Voice 2.0, an innovative SIP Trunk solution that provides a smooth transition to flexible and scalable IP communications, for those who have to maintain their physical switchboard infrastructure until its amortization, but without sacrificing the multiple functionalities that the cloud offers. Through quick and easy setup, it facilitates risk-free migration to VoIP. And, it offers advanced security features such as call blocking or fraud detection, as well as cost control and guarantees the maintenance of ISDN functions without drops. In addition, it completes these qualities with an administration portal for partners and clients that confers much more agile management. With a comfortable installation, this tool confers total freedom and ease of use, allowing distributors and integrators to build a solid experience in cloud solutions from the hand of a provider specialized in cloud communications such as NFON. Customers will upgrade their traditional PBX systems with All IP platforms, migrating from ISDN to VoIP with a simple setup and accessing a new world of communication using their current infrastructure until retirement.

NFON renews its SIP Trunk solution with Nconnect Voice 2.0.NFON renews its SIP Trunk solution with Nconnect Voice 2.0.

With Nconnect Voice 2.0, companies can enjoy the benefits of the cloud environment without having to transform their business model, thanks to the breadth of features and access to a wide variety of cloud functionalities. They will be able to make the leap safely, by virtue of the unique security features it provides for first-time migration without risk. They will also be able to access other markets, as it is available throughout Europe. NFON is the only pan-European provider of PBX in the cloud, connecting offices throughout the old continent with a single solution.