Sion Sono and Ben Wheatley and more confirmations

The International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia, Sitges for friends, reveals the first surprises of its fifty-fourth edition together with the publication of its spectacular official poster with the werewolf as the protagonist of the contest in 2021.

“It has been very interesting to work with an imaginary as powerful as that of this year’s leitmotif, but trying to transcend the pure iconography of the beast, which is already something almost pop, and seeking to suggest a much broader conversation”, comment its authors from the China Madrid agency. “Do we all have a bit of a wolf, of an inner beast? Two faces? How do we manage our dualities? So it seemed to us that the playing card could be a very attractive object to reflect this. Subvert one of these figures and show that we all have a right and a backhand. Working with Carmen García Huerta, creator of some of the most powerful images of recent years, has been a pleasure, and has taken the idea to an illustrated universe full of nuances and subtleties. And finding here a curious symbiosis between the brutal and the delicate ”.

First confirmations

Prisoners of the Ghostland‘, the new film of the unrepeatable Sion Sono with (the one of course also impossible to replicate) Nicolas Cagewill introduce us to a bank robber in a suit programmed to self-destruct who needs to find Sofia boutella.

And although with that the edition is amortized, the good of Ben Wheatley (‘A Field in England’, ‘High-Rise’) will present ‘In the earth‘, his promised pandemic sensory experience set in a world seeking a cure for a deadly virus through experiments conducted in the forest.

In the program we find other titles such as’They are‘, from Ivan Kavanagh; Cantonese noir ‘Limbo‘, from Soi cheang; and the most promising sci-fi comedy ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes‘, directed by Yamaguchi Board, in which a coffee shop owner discovers that he has a television that shows images two minutes into the future.

A Glitch in the Matrix‘, from Rodney ascher, stands out in the documentary section as a metaphysical journey that will take us back to the cave.

The Amusement Park‘that lost movie of George A. Romero Shot in the early seventies that has been rediscovered by his widow and restored in 4K, it can be seen thanks to Seven Chances, the Festival section programmed in collaboration with ACCEC (Catalan Association of Film Critics and Writing).


In Sitges they do not hide and, after underlining that in their official section in the last ten years only 6% of feature films have been directed by women, they have decided to do something about it with WomanInFan, a proposal that they have presented in three main lines of work:

1. Shedding light on the historical memory of all those women who have contributed in one way or another to the history of fantasy cinema. In this sense, the creation of an online documentary collection of memorabilia begins.

two. Sensitizing female talent with respect to the fantastic as one more language. In this sense, three scholarships will be awarded, thanks to the support of Vertix, for three filmmakers without background in the fantastic but with an initial outstanding cinematographic career.

3. Promoting the visibility of female filmmakers in genre films so that the country’s audiovisual industry entrusts these types of projects to future producers, directors and screenwriters. The Sitges Festival thus expands its functions to produce an annual short film written and directed by women within an open call.

Stories to not sleep

Rodrigo Cortes, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza Y Paula Ortiz are responsible for four stories that, fifty years after the indispensable ‘Stories to not sleep‘ from Chicho Ibáñez Serrador, they will try to tell us to fall asleep when the light goes out.

Produced for Amazon Prime Video and RTVE, we will be able to see the four stories within the festival that will be held from October 7 to 17.


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