Sinopharm vaccine, Senate, industry revival and exchange anchor: the topics of the day at BAE Negocios

Industry and construction: the Government confirmed the continuity of the reactivation

The Government relied on advanced statistics for January to confirm the deepening of the industrial and construction reactivation process, two sectors that they consider key in their management model that seeks to recover foreign exchange and generate genuine employment. A report from CEP XXI, under the Ministry of Productive Development, highlighted that energy consumption in the first month of the year in factories confirmed the path of economic recovery based on production. The statistics speak of improvements of 7.9% against 2020, when there was still no coronavirus pandemic.

Sinopharm vaccine: one million doses arrive as an « emergency »

The Minister of Health, Carla Vizzotti, authorized the SARS COV-2 vaccine, developed by Sinopharm in collaboration with the Beijing Institute of Biological Products Laboratory of the People’s Republic of China, on an emergency basis.

Exchange anchor: the Central Bank slows down the devaluation and will pierce the floor in February

The rise in the official dollar will pierce the floor of 3% in February. In this way, the BCRA will seek, at the same time, to lower the floor of nominality in general, and inflation in particular. In the first three weeks of the month, the crawling peg rate was around 0.7%. And although it is a short month, it will be the first time since October that this imaginary barrier has been lowered. Inflation, on the other hand, will close above 3%.

The Senate will ratify its authorities and make the Fiscal Consensus into law

The Senate will try to ratify this Wednesday the economic laws sent by the Executive Power and the Fiscal Consensus signed between the national Government and the provinces, in a special session in which it must also confirm its authorities for the new legislative year.

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