Single again! Lana Rhoades returns to the rodeo

Single again! Lana Rhoades returns to the rodeo | Instagram

Mike Majlak recently unveiled why he ended his relationship with the beautiful former actress of adult films, Lana Rhoades, as it was seen that they had a very beautiful relationship, however, they ended a couple of months ago.

Mike majlak He confirmed that he put an end to his relationship with actress Lana Rhoades through a video posted on YouTube, with whom he lasted 10 months.

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It should be mentioned that this has been the only relationship Majlak has been involved in for the past decade, however sadly, not all relationships can stand the test of time.

I never thought I’d post a breakup video, but this one was necessary. I wanted to tell the story in my own way before others could tarnish what was an incredible relationship and part of my journey, “he said.

In the recording, he explained that there was no specific reason for the breaking off and it was not a question of infidelity either.

The best of Amara [que es su nombre real] is that he is so loyal. Not once did I have to worry about her cheating on me [o] talk to other guys. It was never about other guys. “

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Of course, her comment immediately managed to silence the rumors and accusations that she cheated on him, since it is worth mentioning that it is often the first thing that people suspected when they heard about the breakup.

It seems that Amara was obsessed with the idea of ​​life and linear and traditional love, she wanted to meet a boy, she wanted to settle down, she wanted to have a family and just live this kind of linear life.

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However, while that made perfect sense to her, it didn’t make sense to him, and it didn’t feel right to move on.

It is worth mentioning that the breakup has been difficult for both of them, so to make things easier, they have been trying not to talk and keep their distance.

It’s a sad ending for one of the internet’s most beloved couples of late, but it’s certainly not bitter.