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Media Molecule titles are focused on unleashing the creativity of players. However, with its most recent production, Dreams, the developer went further, as the tools it offers are so sophisticated that it is possible to create not only complex video game worlds within the title, but also general-purpose animations. Thanks to this creative freedom, a singer today released the video for a song that was made exclusively on Dreams.

American actress and singer Noah Cyrus released a new video for her single July. This song debuted in 2019, as part of the music album (extended work or EP) The End of Everything, and it even already has a live-action video, but the new production is striking because it was completely made in Dreams. In the new video, the singer collaborated with Media Molecule and Sony to make the production a reality and at the beginning you can see several creatives working on the creation of the 3D models.

In case you missed it: Dreams is already compatible with PlayStation VR.

The video was made exclusively on Dreams and it looks great

As a result of the collaboration with Sony, you can see in the video a statue of a woman huddled on the ground with a closed melancholic scene that as time progresses opens and clears with the light of a sunset. The room also acquires different natural textures, typical of the moss and water that arose from a tear on the statue.

We do not tell you, we will tell you more and better we leave you with the video that shows the great projects that can be done in Dreams and that shows the objective of Media Molecule when creating it.

What do you think about the video? Did you like the song by Noah Cyrus? Have you tried creating a similar project in Dreams? Tell us in the comments.

In case you are undecided on whether the game is for you or not, we remind you that there is a free trial on the PlayStation Store, this way you can check what it offers. Also, we recommend you watch videos of user projects, so you can check what can be created within the game. We recently learned of one that Halo recreated. Thanks to the creative possibilities and the impact it generates on the players, Dreams won another Game of the Year award a few days ago in a major event.

Dreams is available exclusively for PlayStation 4. You can find more about it if you visit its file or if you consult our written review.

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