To Gabriel Pagán this whole situation of the pandemic has changed the way of seeing the world. He has had time to see himself and evaluate himself as an artist, which gave him the opportunity to sensitize himself and reconsider what he has always wanted to do and much of that is reflected in his new album, “Made in RD”.

The health crisis caused by the ravages of Covid-19 “has changed the way of seeing the world and suddenly all the plans we had were frustrated,” he expressed through a journalistic zoom.

Then he added: “This album emerged in the last three and a half months, although I had no plans to release it, but it was the most beautiful thing that came out of the quarantine.”

In this way, the merenguero has taken the days of confinement to work fully on his music, to concentrate in a more honest way with himself and his art. That is why “Made in RD” is a more organic proposal, since it does not contain such urban or stylized sounds. “It is something fresh, organic and modern that I am used to doing.”

The first theme to promote is titled “Tell me what to do.”

The novelty
The artist explained that in this musical project it is very different from all his previous ones because it was what he wanted to do forever and although he only has seven songs each one is different from the previous one and very profound in terms of the themes it deals with.

As for the decision to add Pagán to his name, the artist explained that it was something of marketing, since there were many Gabriel in the networks and that was causing him a little difficulty in the international market, so he decided to add the surname of her maternal line to distinguish herself.

This young man in love with merengue hopes that someday the youth will decide to trick himself into creating this type of music, because he believes that all those singers who are out there wanting to do different things need to get their batteries and work for it .

“I think there are a lot of people doing meringue and bachata, two musical genres that people love and I think it only takes that they get their batteries on and give it a little seriousness and work on it,” he said.

He went on to declare that “I greatly admire what Romeo Santos did, because he rescued all those veterans from bachata and managed to unite them on stage as I did with Morir Soñando Tour and that is what generations really want. unite so that they prevail.

At the moment Gabriel has no intention of doing a live concert on social networks, or anything like that. Because he believes that people are abusing this resource and wants the public to listen to his new material, get acquainted with it and then already plan to stage those songs that leave more than one alienated.

Regarding the fears that have been undermining the exponent artists of the bachata and merengue genres due to the possible withdrawal of the category in the Grammys due to lack of material, the artist said that this happens not because there are not enough exponents but because of the lack of information from some artists.

“There are a lot of people out there making meringue and bachata and many of them do not have the necessary information or do not know the necessary procedures to send their material, and that often hurts the genre,” said the young meringue man.

“Made in RD” It includes seven unpublished songs, and each one has its essence and keeps a beautiful story. Of these, “Tell me what to do” is the piece that introduces Gabriel’s new record production to the market.

“I would say that, for its simplicity, for its maturity, for the so fresh and simple melodies in the story that it tells, we chose ‘Tell me what to do’ as the first
simple. And, obviously, he has a video that adds a lot to the song, and that exposes the beauty and beauty of our country. It was filmed in the Valley of
Samaná ”, highlighted Gabriel.

This new album pauses the second installment of the project “Morisoñando 2”, which will continue to warm up later on. “We opted to go for unpublished subjects, because we felt that it was what we needed at the moment, but that does not diminish the importance of Morisoñando2, we are going to fulfill what we have pending”, assured the award-winning artist.

Gabriel affirms that from “Morí rsoñando” to “Made in RD” there is a transition “because I have opened the door for people to listen to this type of more organic songs, in addition to which I have also grown a lot and this project is what I am here There is a more real Gabriel, more sincere than he wanted to do. “

In love.
The first single from the new album is titled “Tell me what to do” and in the video of the song (directed by Luis Betances) his girlfriend, also singer Oriana Lucas, appears, making it clear that he is very much in love.

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