The Asian country wants to carry out works on the floating platform of Marina Bay

The main idea: fewer curves and straighter for more overtaking

Singapore is preparing to redesign its urban circuit configuration by 2022 due to renovations to be carried out on the Marina Bay floating platform. The track is expected to shorten and eliminate curves to create more overtaking points.

As reported by The Strait Times newspaper in Singapore, the promoters of the Grand Prix and the Singapore Tourism Board have announced that they will work together with other interested parties to review the current design of the circuit.

Reason for this is that the Asian country wants to carry out works on the famous floating platform of Marina Bay from January 2022. Works that are scheduled to end in mid-2025 and that will form a new large plaza after the demolition of the current one platform.

The promoters of the Grand Prix and the authorities of Singapore are already working to redesign its urban layout. The first idea is to suppress curves; connect number 16 and 19 of the current configuration to avoid passing through the platform of the floating platform and thus create a longer straight line that favors overtaking.

Current configuration of Marina Bay

In this way, the route would go from having 23 to 19 curves and its length of a total of 5,063 kilometers would be reduced. Still, it would maintain its capacity close to 35,000 seats for fans with the creation of a new stand.

“As organizers of an urban race, we have always faced the challenges that come with organizing a competition in the heart of the city. The track has constantly evolved since the first race, and over the years, changes have been made by several reasons. Especially for the good of the city and the safety of the pilots. ”

The words of the promoters confirm the interest of Singapore to continue on the Formula 1 calendar despite the cancellation of its event in 2020. It is estimated that the country generates revenues of 130 million euros per year each time it hosts the Great Circus.

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