Sinaloa.- The latest report from the state Health Secretariat showed that yesterday there were 18 more deaths from COVID-19 disease, the majority (15) in Culiacán and three in Mazatlán.

All the victims had chronic-degenerative diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and hypertension, which is why the call for extreme precautions continues with this vulnerable sector of the population.

The youngest people whose deaths from COVID-19 were recorded yesterday were a 30-year-old man, admitted to the General Hospital of Culiacán, who had diabetes; as well as another 42-year-old man, in Mazatlán, who had been admitted to the Clínica del Mar and had diabetes.

Undoubtedly, hypertension is causing greater complications in COVID-19 patients at the national and state level, as statistics have shown, since of the people who died yesterday, eleven had this condition.

Through his Facebook social network, Efrén Encinas, Health Secretary, released the statistic, with the call to stay home: 86 new patients were registered, and this time Mazatlán appears first, with 41 cases; followed by Ahome, with 23 cases; Culiacán, with 16 cases: Guasave, with 5 cases, and El Fuerte, with one case.


On a positive note, there are 1,266 people who have won the battle against the new coronavirus in Sinaloa: 757 people in Culiacán, 186 in Ahome, 162 in Mazatlán, 42 in Guasave and 29 in Navolato.

Last Tuesday the dry law was lifted in Sinaloa, which caused crowds in supermarkets, convenience stores and stores. If this behavior caused new infections or outbreaks, it could be detected by early June or earlier.

The best strategy to combat infections and saturation of hospitals have been social isolation measures, which continue until May 31, for the time being. Precautions should be taken with pregnant women, children, the elderly and people with chronic degenerative diseases.

Deaths recorded yesterday on the platform:

   1. 63-year-old woman, from May 19, in Issste (obesity).
   2. 74-year-old man, from May 19, at IMSS Costa Rica (obesity).
   3. 30-year-old man, from May 17, at HG Culiacán (diabetic).
   4. 70-year-old woman, from May 18, at HG Culiacán (hypertensive).
   5. 64-year-old woman, from May 19, at HG Culiacán (hypertensive).
   6. 56-year-old woman, from May 19, on IMSS (hypertensive and obesity).
   7. 72-year-old woman, from May 19, in Issste (diabetic and hypertensive).
   8. 72-year-old woman, from May 19, in IMSS (hypertensive).
   9. 84-year-old woman, from May 20, in Issste (obesity).
   10. 52-year-old woman, from May 20, at HG Culiacán (diabetic and hypertensive).
   11. 46-year-old woman, from May 20, at IMSS Costa Rica (diabetic and hypertensive).
   12. 69-year-old man, from May 20, in IMSS (hypertensive).
   13. 44-year-old woman, from May 20, in IMSS (diabetic and hypertensive).
   14. 65-year-old man, from May 21, in Issste (hypertensive).
   15. 62-year-old woman, from May 21, in Issste (hypertensive).
   1. 42-year-old man, from May 10, at Clinica del Mar (diabetic).
   2. 76-year-old man, from May 20, in Issste Mazatlán (diabetic).
   3. 64-year-old man, from May 21, in Issste Mazatlán (hypertensive).

Total deaths and cargo by municipality:

Culiacan 225
 Ahome 41
 Navolate 31
 Mazatlan 30
 Guasave 11
 Salvador Alvarado 8
 Escuinapa 4
 The Strong 4
 Angostura 2
 Mocorito 2
 Elota 1
 Badiraguato 1
 Sinaloa de Leyva 1
 Rosary 1

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