Simyo gives away 20 GB to redeem at Christmas

Weeks ago the first Christmas promotions began to appear with some brushstrokes in prepaid Orange or exclusive campaigns to attract new customers, but the most anticipated promotions, those that current customers can also enjoy and generally they give gigs in contract, they are giving birth now.

And if yesterday it was Finetwork who brought forward his gift of gigs for this Christmas, now it is Simyo who also replicates previous promotions, and returns to give away 20 GB to consume for 15 days in a row.

The gift voucher can be activated from the personal area or from the app from today, and as maximum until January 13, 2021. Regardless of when you decide to activate it, you will have 15 days from that moment to spend it. The only requirement is to have a voice and data rate with at least 100 MB.

As is usual with promotions of this type from Simyo, the gift data does not accumulate for subsequent months, but those of the contracted rate will continue to accumulate. And if you travel outside of Spain with the active promotion, you can spend up to 3 GB roaming of the extra bonus within the EU.

With two of the major MVNOs already showing their cards, it is to be expected that the rest of operators who usually give Christmas gifts do not take long to send them to your customers. We refer to Lowi, who a year ago gave away 25 GB, Amena offered up to double the gigs for free, Vodafone gave up to 30 GB prepaid, ION mobile offered up to 5 extra gigs for 1 euro, and the Euskaltel group brands added up to 10 GB for 1 euros. There were even some unexpected surprises like the unlimited data from PTV Telecom, the unlimited free data from Vodafone or the 60 GB that Movistar gave away.

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Simyo gives away 20 GB to redeem at Christmas