If we were back in 2004, with an ironed-out fringe and black-to-white checkered Vans, it wouldn’t be a rare thing to see Simple Plan in a headline. In those years the Canadian band ventured some good hits like “Welcome To My Life” and “Perfect”. But in the middle of 2020 this is not ordinary at all. Sadly today they do not return here with a new success, but with the news that their lifelong bassist David Desrosiers separates from the band following allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Your complaints through #MeToo

Fortunately, the past few years have seen a wave of reports of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior around the world by women. In Quebec, Canada, it is no exception. An Instagram account with the name “Victims_voices” has emerged to share #MeToo stories that happen across the country. One of the shared stories involved David Desrosiers, Exclaim reports.


One of her alleged victims accused the Simple Plan bassist of making inappropriate comments to her when she was still a minor, and then began chasing her for sex once she reached the age of majority. The victim also said Desrosiers himself threatened to go to the police after she expressed concern about his behavior. Like this one, they explain that their relationships were based on threats of all kinds.

Simple Plan bassist pulls out of band after allegations of sexual misconductSimple Plan bassist pulls out of band after allegations of sexual misconduct

Simple Plan. Photo: MJ Kim / .

“After recent public statements, David Desrosiers retires from the band to work on their personal problems, “he said Simple Plan in a statement posted on social media. “We offer our sincerest apologies to the women who were hurt by their actions. We also regret all of our fans who are disappointed by this unfortunate situation. As a band, we will take time to pause, reflect, and set guidelines to prevent similar situations from happening. ”

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David Desrosiers, far from denying the facts, took his social networks in which he recognized terrible and unacceptable conduct. “Recent public statements have led me to acknowledge that some of the interactions I have had with women have caused them harm. I have decided to withdraw from Simple Plan and seek professional help to educate myself and act appropriately in the future. I really regret the damage that I have caused to these women. ”

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A similar case in Mexico with DRIMS

A few days ago the band Drims was involved in a sexual abuse controversy by his drummer David Salinas. It all started when a woman named Val accused the drummer of abusing her at a party. Following her statement, other women began to share similar stories and the sexual abuse and harassment that David had made against them.

After the multiple accusations, Drims made the firm decision to separate David salinas from the band “in common agreement”. “We have read your messages and comments and we want to make it clear that we take this seriously,” Drims wrote in his official statement. “We know of the pain and destruction that gender violence causes. We are committed to creating a safe world for all people regardless of gender or identity. “