Simone’s reproach that made Lola explode in ‘The island of temptations’: “You have a role”

On the night of Thursday, February 18, ‘La isla de las temptaciones 3’ reached its fifth program, in which the relationship between Simone Coppola and Lola Mencía took an incredible setback after the second bonfire of the lion. More certain about her feelings towards Diego James Lover, Mencía wanted to be honest with the Italian, whose attitude towards her changed in such a remarkable way, that both ended up starring in a disastrous appointment that ended with each one on their own.

Lola opens up to Simone in ‘The Island of Temptations’

« I have realized that I am in love with my partner, I love my boyfriend. I want to try to fix something in my relationship »The Leonese confessed, meeting alone with Coppola, to later express her desire that Diego « see that I put a little distance ». « It is true that I have realized that I need affection, I need to live, but I need him to understand that I want him with him, » added Mencía, before which Coppola acknowledged that « now you are telling me this and I understand you, but I don’t I expected it.  » « Nor can you pretend that now I’m not the way I am, a little cold or not approaching you. If you tell me that, it is normal that I also want distance, » added the Italian, after which, before the cameras, he declared that « when a person is not sincere, he cannot be with me ».

In addition, Simone told the woman from León that, if she suffered for Diego at the next bonfire, she should not return to look for him, words that made it clear to Lola that « He has not taken well that I told him that I want to put distance between us, but it is true that I would like to fix my relationship with Diego, because right now it is the only thing I want. « The tension between the two did not diminish when their appointment with the rest of their companions arrived, in which they had the opportunity to row together in the same boat. « It is extremely uncomfortable to be near Simone because she is like a wall: she does not talk to anyone, she is cold. If you really try something with me, don’t do that, « said Mencía, who chose to navigate alone, since » better alone than in bad company and today I would be in bad company.  » « It’s like he’s another person. It’s a sudden change, not a glance, not a ‘how are you’ », criticized the Italian., who had the opportunity to live face to face with the lion for a moment alone.

« I didn’t feel like having the date with you »

Simone and Lola end up arguing on their date in ‘The island of temptations’

« I don’t want to have a bad feeling with you. I have liked being with you for many days, but I have begun to see more defects that have bothered me, they have overwhelmed me, they have pressured me »Mencía confessed, after which he acknowledged that « I didn’t know how to tell you, because I knew you were going to get like that. » « The truth is that I did not want to have the appointment with you, » Simone declared then, something with which he agreed with the Leonese, who was stunned when the Italian argued that it was « because you have a role. » « I’m not going to let you tell me I’m acting and then don’t let me explain myself. I have started in good manners and I have not been offending you« Lola reproached him, who chose to leave in the middle of the dispute.

« That I have confused him, I know. That I have let myself go and I have not thought about the consequences. I know and understand it »The Leonese then acknowledged, after which she revealed that « I wanted to apologize, but if you don’t listen to me and do nothing more than offend me, I don’t want to have a bream conversation. » Upon their return from the date, they both shared their frustration with their peers. While Simone declared that « I do not want more dates with her » and bet that the best thing was that « each one of us is by our side ». « I do not regret leaving Simone there, because I do not have to put up with a person who is nothing of mine yells at me and does not understand me. And that’s it, » Lola defended, after admitting to her colleagues about Coppola that « now I see it and hear it and it bothers me ».