The country singer Simone manifested herself on Instagram Stories after seeing her name and that of her sister, Simaria, being used for a coup with fans. According to the artist, fraudsters were associating the new show in live broadcast of the two, with false donations of money and even cards. “This is a lie,” he said.

Simone, sister and duo on the stage of Simaria, recorded a video on Instagram to warn followers about a scam on the web using the singers’ names. “A very important message for you: there are a lot of people promising cards, a 10 thousand reais gift card, a house … that we are going to draw money and I don’t know what on our live”, said Henry’s mother, with who she was compared to in a recent post.

Singer laments bad intention: ‘To get money’

With the new project scheduled for the 23rd of this month, the interpreter of “Amoreco”, lamented the stance of the fraudsters and showed an example of a malicious post (see below). “Don’t fall, this is a scam! This is a lie! There are people making this kind of promise to get money,” he said.

Duo advances on looks and repertoire: ‘Oldies’ songs’

Chatting with Purepeople, Simone and Simaria told some details of the next presentation on Youtube. “We are preparing a beautiful look, but comfortable, since we will be at home,” revealed Simaria. The Bahian also commented on the importance of the social side of lives. “We really want to bring joy to homes and help people who are in need of donations,” said the artist, who is passionate about fashionista productions in Instagram posts. Simone, on the other hand, commented on the setlist: “Fans can expect a repertoire full of classics, modões, old songs. It will be too good!”. Kaká Diniz’s wife also admitted a certain nervousness to the project. “It is something totally new, sometimes there may be some unforeseen events that are beyond our purview, but, thank God, it was very gratifying to see the result of our first live and prepare this second broadcast”, he said.

Simone breaks record at Tik Tok

With a spontaneous and fun personality, Simone broke a record on TikTok, a social network of short videos that became a fever among the famous. The Bahian is the most followed Brazilian singer there, with 4.6 million people and 17 million more likes. In posts with her son and husband, she has amused fans during the isolation period. And your channel
 recently launched on Youtube is also on the rise. Launched in late April, it already has over 260 thousand subscribers and has a retention rate of 70%. “This idea has been coming for some time and came from the fans themselves, who said they loved the content I put on my networks, that I needed to make a channel to show more of my routine”, he revealed.

(By Marilise Gomes)

Simone, duo from Simaria, warns of coup citing live duo. Video!

Simone, duo from Simaria, warns about coup citing live duo. Video!