Simona Halep will end his inactivity this week at the Prague tournament. The Romanian, as we told a few hours ago, will make the decision to go to the US Open depending on everything that happens in the Czech capital and on her personal feelings, but first she wanted to tell on the WTA pages how the process has been strangest and longest inactivity of his career.

The former world number 1 explained what it was like to assume what happened in March and how she was feeling in the first weeks of quarantine.

“It was a shock for me to see that everything had been canceled. I am used to traveling and suddenly I had to stay at home every day and live a normal life. It was a shock. I did not understand anything. I did not want to accept it at first. Seeing so many struggling with their health, I was worried, I have to admit. I was worried at first. So I feel positive and I don’t feel so negative anymore. But I’m sure there’s still a lot to fight, the whole world is still struggling. The economy is going to be difficult and many people will have to fight. We have to be patient and believe that everything is going to get better. “

Knowing there would be no more competition, her coach relaxed her preparation and gave Simona the freedom to train only when motivated.

“Darren said that if I can stay focused, I train like I have a tournament the week after, but if one day I get to the court and I don’t feel the pleasure of working, let me take the day off. So I haven’t been forced to play. every day. I took a few days off when I felt like it. But when I’ve been motivated I’ve trained 100%. So her advice was to take it day by day and not think that if I don’t train one day it would be a disaster because I have time. I have time. I had to relax my mind because you never know what will happen next week. Every day is unpredictable. So the fact that we were open to training was an advantage and I took it that way. “

Now, near the lap, Halep is skeptical but knowing that all her competitors are in the same place.

“My longest break in my career has been 3 or 4 weeks. Honestly, I really don’t know how to manage the return now. The good thing is that everyone is in the same position, now we will see who will manage the return better. I feel like I have experience. to deal with that and if I am relaxed and do my best in every game, I am pretty sure that soon I will reach my level again. I am sure that I will fight because my style and my personality type is to keep playing games but Now it’s different. I can’t complain but I can’t be happy either. “