July advances in our calendar and it still hurts us that the days go by without enjoying Wimbledon on our televisions. Without witnessing, for example, Simona halep fighting to defend the title won in 2019, possibly the most important achievement of his career. Unable to jump onto the track, the Romanian dropped by BBC Sport to look back and remember the emotions lived just a year ago when he defeated Serena Williams with surprising ease and thus reign on the London lawn. A day that you can never forget.

“Winning Wimbledon was a dream, although it was even more so for my parents. All players dream of winning Wimbledon someday, but I never had the courage to think that at some point I would really be down there lifting the trophy. To come out champion was a huge sensation ”, confesses the current World No. 2, who very few people gave her chance in that final against Serena, despite the fact that she later ended up championing herself by a double 6-2.

As Simona correctly points out, that aspiration to win in London one day was also a link to the dreams of her parents, eager to see their girl hug the golden plate at the AELTC. “My mother always told me that it would be a great thing if at some point in my career I could play a final at Wimbledon, achieving something like this represents reaching the highest level in the world of tennis,” says Constanta.

It was his first final in London and one was enough to touch the sky. Twelve months have passed and, even if it is as bad news as a pandemic, the reality is that Halep will not lose her champion status until 2021. “Now I find myself in an incredible situation, I am a Wimbledon champion for two years, that is love it! I have an extra year to enjoy the win even more, it’s great. This week I received some towels, a cap and a T-shirt from Wimbledon, that made me feel like I was really playing the tournament this year, “says Darren Cahill’s pupil.

What we did not know was what happened at the gala dinner of that 2019 edition, where both individual champions are summoned on the track to dance well together and celebrate their shared triumph. “I was very stressed out and asked if I was really forced to do it. They said it was a decision up to me, so I didn’t give it much thought: ‘No, thanks.’ I didn’t want to fall trying to dance (laughs). ”