In a tennis world where it seems that the recipe for success is the constant search for the winning shot and what is fashionable are tall and powerful players, there are romantics of this sport who resist abandoning the game of life, that of constancy from the bottom of the track, giving little and sweating a lot to get the points. One of the great exponents of this style is Simona Halep, tennis player who in an interview for the official website of the WTA recognizes how he is spending these days of confinement at home, knowing that tennis will not return at least for July.

The former number one in the world was very sad about what happened around the world and more specifically in tennis: “It is very hard to see the situation that we are living in the whole world. Before everything was closed, I was preparing myself thoroughly so that I could prepare myself in the best possible way for the North American tour. I decided not to play in Indian Wells because I had some inconvenience physical, but I was saddened to hear the news that tennis had been canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. “

The Romanian tennis player admits that she misses the circuit a lot and is already looking forward to everything returning to normal as soon as possible: “The players are preparing ourselves physically from home, but the situation is complicated. We all miss the circuit, we miss the players and all the people who participate in each tournament and who make us feel like we are at home “

What is the rhythm of life of Simona Halep ?: “I usually wake up between ten or eleven in the morning (laughs). It is very good to sleep a lot, without alarms and without a set schedule. When I wake up I have breakfast and then I get to play sports. We cannot lose our physical state We don’t know when the action will return. The last news we have is that tennis will not return until the grass tournaments are over. “

Cancellation of the Wimbledon tournament: “It is a shame that a tournament as emblematic as Wimbledon cannot be held for a reason like this. Despite these kinds of things, you always have to take the positive side of everything. I am still the defending champion and I have to live with that feeling a another year, so in the end it is a good thing for me, “the Romanian player concluded with a laugh knowing that the points earned on the grass tour last year will be frozen.