Simon replies: “I’m not going to get off the boat”

As usual after the weekend, Fernando Simon, director of the Center for the Coordination of Alerts and Emergencies (CCAES), appeared before the media. Once again, appreciated the current situation of the pandemic and offered his vision on the most relevant topics associated with it.

He began by announcing that “the incidence in Spain continues to decline, as is the positivity rate that is set at 12.7%. Hopefully it will continue and that we will not rise again. Lcumulative incidence is on a downward trend, but is still very high, about 470 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last 14 days. The fatality is around 1%, well below what we observed in the first wave. “Regarding the hospital situation, currently “16.5% of hospital beds are occupied by coronavirus patients and they are a 32% those who are in ICU“.

Possible resignation

The director of CCAES was approached about the request for your resignation made by the SATSE Union and the General Council of Medical Associations: “I am a public official and my position is the one decided by my superiors. What I’m not going to do is get off the boat and leave it empty. If I need to be, I will be and if it is considered that I should not be, I will not be “.

Immunization rate

Regarding the necessary immunization rate in Spain, Simón stated that “if the reproduction numbers are kept at 2.5 or maximum 3%, the ideal is that we would have 66% of the population immunized. Which implies that if the vaccine is not 100% effective up to 70 or 75% of the population must be vaccinated. In Spain, without being compulsory vaccines, we have one of the largest vaccination coverage in the world “.

The case of Asturias

Asked about the possibility of imposing more restrictive measures in Asturias, he declared that “right now is with an increase in transmission and therefore it is one of the ones that most concerns us all. Right now it will not apply to a home confinement“, since in his opinion the situation can be controlled with the measures adopted by the community.

“With the measures that are being applied right now we are in a situation not too far from confinement. I understand that the autonomous communities try to have at their disposal the greater number of tools to have them ready if necessary. The measures are all on the table, none is rejected, “emphasized the doctor.

Moderna’s vaccine

This morning Moderna has been known to develop a vaccine with an efficacy of 94.5%, something that was valued by the epidemiologist: “The results of Moderna, like those of Pfizer, they are very hopeful. Before evaluating them I think you have to know that in an intermediate analysis, not final. You have to be careful. I understand that it will be similar to Pfizer’s.

They are good results, it seems that it will have a high efficiency and that until now, they are showing very high security, with some side effects, such as pain in the injection site or tenths of a fever. It seems like, according to the results, it will have a very high effectiveness “, added.

Regarding the supply of this remedy, Simón pointed out that “with Pfizer there is an agreement signed for the European Union and with Moderna it is in the process of being signed. It is understood that We will have access to these two vaccines as well as seven or eight others that are being developed. “

Decrease in cases

Given the drop in the number of diagnosed cases, he explained that “andThe decrease in transmission that is observed, we cannot know if it will be definitive. The cold months may imply an increase in transmission. The goal is not to start going down, but to be at low enough transmission levels to know that we have the epidemic under control. We’re Going down faster and faster than the forecasts say“.