Simeone: “We traveled four hours to Romania to play at home” | Champions League Atlético de Madrid

The Cholo Simeone appeared at the press conference prior to Athletic-Chelsea corresponding to the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League. The meeting, due to restrictions in Spain to stop the spread of the coronavirus, will be held in Bucharest.

“The tie is 50 percent for each of us because we are two very good teams. The Chelsea It is a very financially powerful club that year after year brings in important players. This year has been a very strong investment by young and very good players. When they saw that the team did not respond as they intended, they looked for a change for a great coach and since their arrival their numbers have improved, “he analyzed Simeone before the press.

In this sense, he warned that they are measured with “a very good team.” «Just seeing their three goalkeepers, their forwards, they have many replacement, many footballers who could play as starters in any team in Europe. The squad that they have formed speaks for itself, they are a very powerful team, “he said.

Regarding the celebration of the match in Bucharest, the Argentine downplayed this exceptional circumstance. “We take care of the game, not spending ourselves on things that we cannot solve. In today’s world there are many difficulties for many workers from different sectors and we have the opportunity to play wherever. We love football and we will try to solve the game with our heads on what we have to do, which is the most important thing, “he said.

“They gave us several options and in the end it was in Romania,” explained the Cholo Simeone When asked what he thought of playing in Bucharest. “The trip was four hours and we are playing the game that would be at home,” added the coach of the Atlético de Madrid.

Regarding the last defeat of his team against Levante, he acknowledged that in the first half his team “did not play a good game”, but that in the second “they reacted very well.” “That is what I see positive of the last game,” he stressed, before referring to two players who aim for ownership this Tuesday.

“The presence of Luis Suarez It gives us hierarchy and confidence, and obviously attracts a lot of attention from the rival team because history accompanies a footballer who is very strong in his gift of scoring, “commented the Cholo Simeone on the uruaguayan.

As to Marcos LlorenteHe acknowledged that “it gives them a lot everywhere.” «When he plays a few meters higher, he participates more in offensive plays, but of the footballers we have today, he is the one who best occupies that place on the right. Ricard also has the possibility to help us and until tomorrow we can think about choosing what we think is best for the party, “he said.