Cholo Simeone analyzed the tie between two signed by Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid in the match corresponding to day 33 of the Santander League played at the Camp Nou. The Argentine coach positively valued the point achieved in the Barça fief.


«It was a very entertaining game with different moments. We from the start looked for speed with the players who started the game. They had occasions, us too, the draw is the remainder of a game that the two teams have played with enthusiasm ».


«He has been playing previously from Bilbao and has become better, more incisive, more vertical. The Carrasco that left years ago is returning to its best version ».

Diego Costa, goggle at the Camp Nou

« Me too … although I was lucky the time we won the League. »

The match

«At all times I saw that they played the game that was trained and that was talked about. There was a team that wanted to defend itself in an orderly manner and in each counterattack there was danger ».

Champions Goal

“There are many points left to reach the goal, it will be very hard for all teams. Now, to focus on the game of Mallorca ».

Third place

« We have the goal of being in the top four and we will try to get as high as possible. »


« Speechless ».

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