Simao Sabrosa, formerly of Barça, will be in charge of Benfica’s grassroots football

Mar 30, 2021 at 8:37 PM CEST

Alberto Teruel

Simao Sabrosa has always been a great defender of grassroots football. On more than one occasion he has stated that the lower categories are the pillar on which the first team must stand and now, as confirmed by the Portuguese television channel Sport TV, he will take over the Benfica training department from next season “The talks are well under way. We will see what happens, but it will be next season.”

For the former Portuguese player, the maintenance of the quarry is essential both for the growth of the footballers and for the development of the team. “Grassroots football is the most important thing. Thanks to him, footballers come out well structured and with references for the future. I believe that it is the pillar and the base to be a professional player of high level. It is necessary to turn the focus and direct them towards the right path, towards the first team. “

Simao is not the first former footballer to return to a club to occupy a place on the board. “In this sense, former footballers are important references. In training they know who Rui Costa, now vice president, is. At Sporting, Hugo Viana is the sports director. At Porto, there is Vítor Baía. I think they cannot be forgotten, they must be remembered and taken as an example “.

A winger with a Barça past

After emerging at Sporting de Portugal, Simao landed in Barcelona in 1999. At just 20 years old, the young winger was characterized by his devilish speed, his ability to overflow and his depth. Despite having Figo, Rivaldo and Kluivert as competition, the Portuguese was not intimidated at all, and came to play 70 games with the Barça shirt.

Despite its undeniable characteristics, Simao left Barcelona in 2001 to sign for Atlético de Madrid. There he played six seasons, although the last of them was loaned to Besiktas. After a brief period in Turkish football, he returned to La Liga to defend the colors of Espanyol.