Silvia Navarro talks about the support she receives from her son’s father

Navarrese He wanted to take advantage of the space to publicly thank the unconditional love he receives from his fans every day. “That is the most beautiful thing on the planet,” he admitted.

The actress assured that the production always made her feel at home and was “very cuddled” during the months she was filming in Miami.

Silvia Navarro and her son León (Instagram / Silvia Navarro)

“There was not a single day that I did not receive details in the forum, messages … Today I find out about the story, I suffer it and I live it thanks to them, so I will use you and People in Spanish to thank each one of the people who dedicated their time to me, not only in seeing the story, but in sharing it, in talking to us, in telling us, in making jokes, in playing with the characters, in becoming part of this. Thank you very much to all, “he said.

With the end of the soap opera very close, Silvia She assured that she has mixed feelings: “I am very anxious that people all over the world can see it now and that gives me a lot of emotion.”

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