Roberto Mancini and his wife Silvia Fortini They are in the news in the last hours for some photographs that have been published of the couple enjoying their holidays on a beach in Saint Tropez, in France. It is not a new relationship, far from it, but the wife of the Italian coach, who prefers to stay away from the spotlight, is still somewhat unknown.

This beautiful 41-year-old lawyer who captivated Mancini and who is in love with all of Italy has no media interest. Silvia Fortini civilly with the coach a few years ago, she has proven to be very reserved, hence the only images in which she appears are usually on vacation or at a specific event that she has attended with her husband, the current coach of Italy.

Renowned lawyer in Rome

Silvia Fortini is a lawyer and a proven professional in the world of Italian jurisprudence. In fact, it is owner of the important Fortini law firm, located in Rome. Among her clients, in addition to Mancini himself, Silvia includes some important commercial and service companies, but also banks, financial institutions, construction companies and individuals. Fortini offers its services in six languages: Italian, English, French, Spanish, Arabic and Russian.

In fact, it is rumored that Mancini and Silvia began their romantic relationship as a result of a professional meeting between the technician and the lawyer, who later married in complete privacy. Mancini rebuilt his life with her after divorcing Federica Morelli, with whom he was more than 25 years and had three children. Now it is Silvia Fortini that occupies her heart, a discreet woman who does not have social networks or usually appears on the public scene except on rare occasions or when she is hunted by the ‘paparazzi’ together with Mancini enjoying the holidays, as has happened now.