The director of the circuit ensures that it is not possible to run backwards on his track

It also rules out that F1 could roll with a different configuration than usual

Silverstone Circuit Director Stuart Pringle says racing backwards or in an alternative configuration to the usual GP was never an option for this year.

Silverstone is celebrating its British GP this weekend and next week a second race. When the first part of the calendar was still to be defined, one of the proposals that was being talked about was to hold two races at Silverstone and that one of them be run in the opposite direction.

According to Pringle, this idea came from the fact that he did not completely rule out the possibility when asked by a journalist. However, the track director clarifies that it was never an option for them to run backwards or in different configurations.

“I wasn’t really serious because at Silverstone what matters is the Grand Prix circuit, you can’t run backwards. It was me, who badly didn’t stop a journalist soon enough, but it was great because they talked about it for three or four weeks and he kept our name out there, “Pringle said in remarks for British magazine Autosport.

“We are a circuit that goes clockwise, we cannot run the other way. If we ran in the international configuration, you would only have half the good corners twice as often as usual. Not that you have suddenly a new and different configuration, “he added.

“They were not going to run in the national configuration, they would end up very dizzy, so it was never something that was said seriously,” Pringle said to finish.

Pringle clarifies that these possibilities never existed, after learning this weekend that the track was offered to hold a total of 12 races on it due to the situation caused by the covid-19.

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