The request talks about the delicate economic situation of the owners of the route

They anticipate that the refund of all the tickets would cause large losses

Silverstone’s situation is critical. To the economic dispute they have with F1 is added the uncertainty about whether they will be able to hold races this year. This circumstance has caused the president of the British Pilots Club to ask the members of this organization to please do not request a refund of the money for their British GP tickets.

Three weeks ago it was announced that the 2020 British GP would be held without an audience due to the covid-19 crisis. The track advanced that it would return the money from the tickets to the fans, but the situation has changed in recent days.

Last week the economic dispute between the track and F1 was known at the moment. As of today, due to the measures imposed on foreigners, it is not known if Silverstone will be able to hold the two F1 races that were planned for July.

With no income because they will not have an audience and perhaps they will not have races either, the president of the British Racing Drivers’ Club, John Grant, has decided to write to the members of the Club asking them, please, not to ask for the refund of tickets for the British GP because if they do, the circuit “he will lose a lot of money this year, as reported by ITV News.

“Right now we have cash, our bank supports us, and with government pay from employment and vacation regulation records, we are confident that we can overcome this but, like many businesses, we have to be careful and minimize costs and conserve cash. “, can be read in the letter.

If any member who has purchased extra guest passes can help and keep his 2020 pass to 2021, we would really appreciate if you could support the coffers of the club like this, “adds Grant to finish.

We clarify that the request has only been made to members of the British Pilots Club. Fans outside of this organization who have bought their tickets will be able to recover the money.

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