F1 is not exempt from mandatory 14-day quarantine

A spokesperson reports that talks with the government continue

Stuart Pringle declares talks are on track

Formula 1 continues in talks with the Government of the United Kingdom in order to play the two races agreed with the Silverstone circuit. The 14-day no-exceptions mandatory quarantine is the last major stumbling block for the Grand Circus, but there is still a thread of hope for the category to follow its 2020 roadmap.

The premier class and the Government of the United Kingdom remain in contact to be able to save the two races planned at Silverstone on July 26 and August 2 behind closed doors. Yesterday, the Boris Johnson government announced a mandatory 14-day quarantine for all UK visitors without exception. Formula 1 is not exempt from it. There will be reviews of the measure every three weeks. The next one is scheduled for June 29.

However, according to a spokesperson for the queen category, Formula 1 and the UK Government are still in talks to hold the two races at the Silverstone circuit. Uncertainty continues, but nothing definitive yet results in a suspension or cancellation of the British GP.

“We have worked closely with the government on the political implications of Formula 1 and Silverstone. The talks are still ongoing right now with the aim of finding the best solution with security as our top priority,” the spokesperson told the British newspaper The Independent.

Stuart Pringle, managing director of the Silverstone circuit, is also optimistic. He hopes that the Government will accept the celebration of the races in order to save the economy and the industry of motor sport in the country.

“The talks are going in the right direction. I think there is a desire for understanding. I am very clear that the government knows the importance of the motor industry. So I am optimistic and I think we can find a sensible and pragmatic solution to put the responsibility for finding the right solution on sport, “he told the British channel BBC Sport.

Formula 1 plans to kick off the action of the 2020 season in Austria with a double race on July 5 and 12 before traveling to the UK. Hockenheim and Hungaroring sound like potential substitutes for the British track if an agreement is not reached with the Government.

Even so, Silverstone is ready to relax its conditions with Formula 1 and celebrate more advanced races if the situation requires it. Seven of the 10 teams on the grid are based in the UK, making logistics planning much easier.

“We can accommodate careers later in August or even September. But it is not how much we can do … will they be able to make a calendar that allows them to go from country to country? “Pringle said to finish.

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