The well-used word can do wonders for your brand. The power of the word reaches its greatest power when it generates trust, and that is, without it, there is no possibility of sale.

There is a natural resistance of people to buy and this increases when they do not perceive the real value of what you offer them. An outlay is a fear of losing. Fear of loss, for example, makes people save, it is a matter of survival.

The main silver bullet, the one that has to hit the target yes or yes, is the header, the headline of your web page, advertisement, blog, post. A marketing campaign can depend on the header for its success or failure. It depends on whether or not you capture the attention of your potential client. The figures in the headline, the hard data (always true) give confidence, statistics, percentages.

Another silver bullet is telling him what he is going to win when purchasing your product. Write the real value of your product.

One more bullet is empathy. That it is reflected in what you are saying, that you understand what it feels. When people share fear or joy they feel identified and act with more confidence.

This crucial bullet is the reason. Why can your product comply with what it offers? Make it a compelling reason, maybe two, but not more. Laboratory test, for example, a single ingredient, a comfortable format, I don’t know, what really supports your offer. Write it clearly, directly.

An avocado bullet that hits the target. Make sure that for your potential client everything is simple. From how you write your ad and what image you put on it, it should look simple, straightforward, to the form, medium or channel to acquire it. Do not make efforts.

And finally your last silver bullet. Compare your price. For example, if you sell three versions of your courses, your product, your menu, write the one you want to be bought in the center, in the middle. People will think that the cheapest is not as convenient and the most expensive is perhaps an exaggerated outlay. It will choose the one that you want to sell. The person will compare among your options and will feel that they have chosen among them the one that best suits or suits them.

All bullets are fired with the correct word, take care of it and she will take care of your brand.

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