Silent Hypoxia: Why Having An Oximeter At Home Can Save Your Life

Silent hypoxia is a silent disease derived from Covid-19 that ends the lives of people, without showing a single symptom.

The oxygenation in the blood It has been in vogue since the health emergency that the coronavirus pandemic brought over the entire planet. One of the indicators of severe Covid-19 infection is oxygen saturation which is measured with a oximeter, since if it is too low, it is very likely that the person must be admitted to an emergency health center.

While it is true that this virus has very clear manifestations, such as a dry cough, powerful headaches, and chronic fatigue, silent hypoxia has proven to be one of its most lethal consequences. Also known as “happy hypoxia“, It can go unnoticed, since people who suffer from it do not even realize that they are rapidly losing oxygen in the blood.

What is hypoxia?

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Hypoxia is defined as a significant lack of oxygen in the body’s tissues, generated by the lack of this element in the blood. This deprivation can have deleterious effects on cells, which they require it to function properly.

Naturally, when the body enters crisis states, it activates compensatory mechanisms that generate some symptoms. As the body is trying to distribute blood throughout the body, These reactions may occur:

Increases in heart rate Headache Dizziness Difficulty breathing

The case of silent hypoxia is different, since none of these signs appear in patients. For this reason, it is easier for them to suffer a respiratory arrest leading to death.

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How do you use an oximeter correctly?

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Considering the current context, in which the resources in the health systems are rather scarce, the health authorities of various countries insist on the population in have a pulse oximeter at home. In addition, they highlight some good practices for an accurate reading.

Most of the oximeters that are marketed for non-medical use are pulse and are used in the fingers of the hand. It is recommended place on the middle or index finger, after resting for a few minutes, Without speaking. In this way, the state of the person at rest.

It is also worth registering without a nail polish, to make it more accurate. A better reading can be guaranteed if the person does not have cold hands, so that in this way, the device works during 30 to 60 seconds.

What is the normal oxygen concentration level and when to seek medical help?

Generally, it is considered that normal oxygen saturation should range between 95 and 98% of Spo2; however, it varies by factors such as age and height above sea level.

In the Mexico City, which is located at 2,240 meters above sea level, saturation may be a little lower and reach normal values between 92 and 95%; however, if this value is less than 90, it is an abnormal situation that requires medical attention.

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