Silent Hill becomes a trend on Twitter for a soccer game in Mexico

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We have not a new Silent Hill installment for many years, but that does not mean that people have forgotten it. In fact, it is still part of the collective mind and as proof we have that it became a trend on Twitter due to a soccer game of the Mexican National Team.

On the afternoon of this Tuesday, November 17, Mexico played a friendly match against the Japan team. It was a regular match that ended 2-0 in favor of our team thanks to the goals scored by Hirvng Lozano and Raúl Jiménez.

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As you can imagine, the result was not what caused Silent Hill to become a trend, so what was it? It turns out that the match was held at the Stadion Graz-Liebenau, a stadium in the city of Graz in Austria. There the temperature was low and there was a lot of humidity, which caused the appearance of fog.

Thus, in the transmission that thousands of people tuned in to watch the game, it was very difficult to witness the plays. This since the mist barely showed what was happening on the field of play.

The community compared the encounter to Silent Hill

If you have been on social media for a long time, you know very well that, every time a lot of fog appears, there is no shortage of people who compare it to Silent Hill. On this occasion, thousands of people did it.

So, within minutes of the game over, Silent Hill became a Twitter trend. This thanks to a lot of users who decided to make jokes and comments comparing the stadium to the popular Konami game.

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What did you think of this event? Did you ever imagine that Silent Hill became a trend because of a football game? Tell us in the comments.

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