Spotify has announced the signing of an exclusive agreement with Mark and Jay Duplass for the first foray into the world of podcasts of the multifaceted brothers. The brains behind such outstanding productions as Room 104, Togetherness and Wild Wild Country land on the platform.

Specifically, the signed agreement states that filmmakers, producers and actors will create original and exclusive programming for Spotify.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Spotify for our first foray into podcasting.”

We talk about a series of podcasts both with own script and not. They will take care of this through Duplass Brothers Productions, its film, television and now podcast production company.

Spotify loves podcast

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“We are incredibly excited to partner with Spotify for our first foray into podcasting,” said the Duplass brothers. “We are also terrified because making a really engaging narrative podcast seems very very difficult. Was this a mistake? Perhaps we should withdraw from this deal before they announce it? “

At the moment, it has not been revealed what specific projects these brothers are working on, although Spotify’s latest moves give a good account of the European company’s ambitions. This is the umpteenth demonstration that the once strictly musical platform is betting heavily on podcasts and mass phenomena.

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In the past, Spotify has signed agreements with Higher Ground Productions, the entertainment producer of Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Rogan, Kim Kardashian West, Warner Bros. or DC Comics. Also due to impact productions in specific markets, such as XRey in Spain. In addition, in recent days they have also been launched for video with the launch of video podcast, although it is a format for now limited to some creators.

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