Signal incorporates one of those functions that everyone wishes they had in WhatsApp | Technology

If you like to share photos in messaging applications, you should know that from now on you can send 4K images through Signal and they will practically not lose their original quality.

The controversy raised by Facebook before the imminent release of the new conditions of use and privacy policy of WhatsApp, has made users look for other alternatives, and applications such as Telegram or Signal have seen a considerable increase in downloads in recent weeks.

That is why these applications have not hesitated to release a multitude of new features recently, so that all that public that has now begun to trust them, continue to use them regardless of whether or not they accept the new conditions of use of WhatsApp.

Surely it has not been the first time that you have tried to send a high resolution image by WhatsApp, but the recipient receives it at a lower resolution, missing part of the details of that beautiful photo you took on your last trip.

Well from now on you can use Signal, because the messaging application characterized by its greater privacy, in the last beta version 5.11.0, it already allows us to send 4K images without affecting their quality.

Once you have the function activated in a future stable version, simply press the image icon located in the lower left part of the interface, select the photo and the quality of delivery in “high”, confirm from Android Police.

This is not only valid for sending high resolution photographs to your friends and family so that they do not lose quality along the way, but you could also send it to yourself, to be able to download it, for example, on a different device and preserving that quality high of the original snapshot.

As we have discussed, it is unknown when this new feature could be available for the stable version of Signal, but it should not take more than a couple of weeks.

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