The serious economic problems that Barcelona presents they do not prevent him from continuing to have great aspirations in the next market. The Catalans will apply significant salary reductions to the staff of all their sections due to the coronavirus crisis. However, they continue to think of two objectives for which they will have to pay large amounts on the summer market. The Barcelona team wants to strengthen with Lautaro Martínez and Neymar, something that would further increase your spending and your salary bill.

Barça’s finances were not at their best before the world stopped as a result of the pandemic. With her, the income has decreased and, although the competition is resumed and the season is completed, the losses will be millions. A situation that leads them to present an ERTE, although the agreement with the players of the first team does not finish arriving.

However, the main goal for Barça next summer is to reinforce its lead with Lautaro. An operation that would not come out for less than 111 million euros. Inter Milan know that it will be difficult to retain the Argentine next summer, but are not willing to let him go for a lower amount.

To this we must add Barça’s interest in Neymar. The Catalans are ready to play the Brazilian, something they already tried last year and could not. But this season, PSG has put a price on one of its main stars and could leave him Exit if the culé set disburses more than 150 million.

At the price of both transfers their respective salaries would have to be added, which would further increase the section of the salary bill, which currently drowns the club. For this reason, he would have no choice but to part with several of his stars, although they would still have to juggle the accounts.

Exit before entering

Umtiti, Vidal and Rakitic they would be sentenced. But only with its sales, the club’s finances would not stabilize or make it possible to purchase its two objectives. Barça should also get rid of Dembélé, for which they intend to get close to 100 million, and Griezmann’s. In the case of the former Atlético de Madrid team, the Barcelona fans could take advantage of this to make the signing of Neymar cheaper.

It wouldn’t be entirely enough. Ter Stegen is in full negotiation for its renovation and the Catalans must considerably increase the token if they want to prevent it from twisting. The German goalkeeper demands a salary that places him among the best paid in the squad and, given his quality, the Barcelona team must give in if they do not want to risk losing one of their main pillars.