The next July 31, 2020 we can explore the Kingdom of Fiore in the RPG of Fairy Tail that Koei Tecmo and GUST have developed. Thus, in this title we will live three of the central arcs of the history created by Hiro Mashima, but there will also be original game stories that will give us some other advantage in combat if we decide to complete them, as we can see in the latest trailer that has been shared through the networks social. It is time to strengthen ties between characters to be as powerful as possible!

Fairy Tail shows its side stories and special attacks in a new trailer

One of the strengths of many Japanese-style RPGs are the special attacks that run alongside a spectacular animated scene, and the Fairy Tail RPG was no less. Thus, in this last trailer we see that the game will have original secondary stories and, if we complete them, we will increase the level of affinity between the characters that have a special role in them. And what is the use of increasing affinity? Well, in this way we unlock these special attacks that will make not a single enemy stand in our way. Pay special attention to this powerful attack by Erza and Kaguya in the trailer!

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In this way, and knowing this, we can only wait for the launch of Fairy Tail in order to deepen the relationships between the different characters that are part of this universe in which magic is the order of the day. And you, do you already know how these protagonists of the game get along with each other or are you one of those who are going to jump into playing this RPG precisely because they are of this genre, although until now you have not known much about Mashima’s work?