Shure makes the leap into consumer audio with its Motiv and Aonic families

After 95 years in the professional market, being one of the leading brands in the field of music, and all kinds of great events, with figures as important as Elvis Presley or Martin Luther King, finally Shure seems determined to take one of the most important leaps in its history, with the presentation of your first range of consumer audio products.

And what better way to do it than by transferring all this experience and know-how directly to more affordable products adapted to these users, with a whole range of microphones for content creators and streamers, and a new family of headphones for audiophiles and athletes.

Shure Motiv, professional quality at home

In response to the increase in demand for home sound recording and streaming solutions, one of the great innovations presented has undoubtedly been the Shure MV7 microphone, which arrives as the predecessor of the legendary Shure SM7B, with professional features that maintain a more compact and economical form factor, with truly wide ease of use, and flexible connectivity options with a hybrid XLR and USB output.

Shure MV7

The integrated touch panel quickly and conveniently optimizes control of settings. With just a few taps, the touch panel allows the user to adjust headphone and input volumes, monitor mix, and mute the microphone, with the option of adjusting custom settings.

Shure’s Voice Isolation technology Raises the voice of the user to help you take podcasts or live streams to a new level. Whatever the environment, the microphone’s pick-up pattern focuses solely on the voice and brings it to the first line of the recording, achieving continuous sound that never breaks.

Also, up to date with the latest needs of today’s users, with a special focus for streamers and content creators, this microphone is proud to be certified by TeamSpeak, one of the most popular voice chat platforms on the market.

Shure Aonic, don’t miss a single note

Despite being known for their microphones, the truth is that Shure is not new to the field of audio output, with extensive experience in professional monitoring systems. A quality that we will see reflected in its new range of Aonic headphones, which is presented under two options to meet the tastes of consumers, with supraural and other intraural headphones, both based on maximum portability and wireless connectivity.

Shure Aonic 50

Aonic 50

Standing out among the rest of peripherals such as Shure’s first wireless over-ear headphones, these helmets land in style with other flagship technologies like adjustable noise cancellation, to help eliminate distractions and allow a truly immersive experience at the touch of a button.

Thanks to the use of Bluetooth 5, we will have wireless connectivity of optimized quality and stability, and an uninterrupted range up to 10 meters. All without giving up an autonomy of up to 20 hours of battery with a single charge, more than enough to last several days of continuous use without the need to recharge them.

In addition, for when we cannot use Bluetooth, the AONIC 50 wireless headphones also allow us to connect them to different accessories through a 3.5mm analog audio cable, which guarantees a seamless connection to any device.

Mainly aimed at the music-loving public, the absence of any type of integrated microphone stands out. Something that contrasts with the fact that its touch controls offer, in addition to the control to adjust the volume or pause the music, quick access to answer calls. Although this only makes them more compatible with the voice capture solutions of the brand itself, offering us the maximum performance and quality in both fields, yes, under a considerable investment.

And is that the Aonic 50 arrive as premium headphones, rising to figures above 320 euros, with a highly rewarded quality, competing with the products of leading brands such as Sony or Bose.

Aonic 215

Built with the same design that musicians use for in-ear monitoring on stage, the AONIC 215 headphones provide an impressive audio experience, with clear sound and reinforced bass. With exceptional comfort and a secure in-ear fit, the earbuds stay secure even during high-motion activities.

Shure Aonic 215

Sound Isolating technology blocks out unwanted noise at the push of a button, and Ambient Mode allows users to hear the outside world when they need it.

The True Wireless AONIC 215 headphones offer 8 hours of battery life, which together with the three additional full charges that can be carried out thanks to the robust carrying case that is included, extend to a total of up to 32 hours of battery life.

In addition, helping to keep the headphones always in place and avoid losses when we are exposed to more sudden movements such as exercises or sports, these headphones will have the same modular design as the Shure Sound Isolating, with a small flexible ergonomic cane that will hold them to the back of our ear and will be compatible with the rest of the brand’s in-ear headphones.

Shure 215 modular baton

Aonic 3

Developed from years of experience supporting music legends, the AONIC 3 headphones deliver impressive, full-range sound thanks to their balanced driver. Inspired by the performance and fit inherited from Shure’s E4 headphones, AONIC 3 features Shure’s smallest headphone design, delivering crisp, natural sound. Its sleek and discreet design is perfect for users who want a headphone that takes up little space.

Aonic 4

The AONIC 4 headphones are the first from Shure to feature a hybrid dual-driver system, featuring a combination of balanced and dynamic driver design and a unique acoustic path. The hybrid driver design allows for dynamic bass and more range and detail in treble, resulting in natural instrument separation and clear vocals.

Aonic 5

For users looking for a truly cinematic audio experience, the AONIC 5 headphones reproduce wide and exceptional sound with clean and natural bass thanks to three balanced high definition drivers. Two dedicated woofers and a separate tweeter ensure boosted highs, warm mids, and natural lows.

Shure Aonic 5

The customizable frequency response allows total control of the sound experience, with three different types of sound (balanced, warm, bright) thanks to the interchangeable mouthpieces. The AONIC 5’s design is based on that of Shure’s legendary Sound Isolating SE535 headphones, and also incorporates a number of features from the iconic Sound Isolating SE846 headphones.

Thanks to its adaptive flexible pads, together with active noise cancellation, they allow a reduction of up to 37 decibels, allowing us to enjoy the maximum detail of our songs without having to resort to high-frequency volumes that can end up damaging our ears.

The future of Shure

Finally, Alejando Donate and Kiko Margalef, Head of Retail and Product manager at Shure respectively, have shared with us the company’s interest in continuing to expand its presence in the consumer sector, not only continuing with these newly introduced families, but also with a strong interest in expanding to the creation of products specifically geared towards gaming.