Bill Gates said many years ago that the advent of the internet would allow humans to accomplish amazing things in the future. The future is undoubtedly old today, since now you can see complete movies like Shrek in the form of an animated WhatsApp sticker.

Just a few weeks ago, the instant messaging service welcomed animated stickers, and recently users have discovered its true potential. Now while you wait for your crush to answer that expected message, you can already kill time by watching Shrek and other movies. Here’s the proof:

Some very creative user managed to concentrate the film’s 95-minute duration in just a 5-minute, 40-second sticker. Of course it is just the image with accelerated reproduction and no sound, but many believe that it is undoubtedly the definitive invention of the twenty-first century.

Given the great reception of this novel contribution, created by an anonymous hero, some other unnamed user managed to also make the sticker that contains the Bee Movie movie and another one that contains Finding Nemo in its entirety.

The only restriction regarding these stickers is that some users have reported that their cell phones have experienced slow performance while on WhatsApp or some have even closed the app without prior notice. To avoid these problems, you only have to remove the sticker from your collection and everything will return to normal.

However, if you are one of the lucky ones who did not have this type of problem, you can already enjoy Shrek, Bee Movie, Finding Nemo and surely other movies to come from the comfort of your WhatsApp.

If you still don’t have the sticker for the full Shrek movie or other movies, don’t worry because the massive exchange of stickers has been organized over the last few days via Twitter, so it will surely come to your chat sooner or later.

What do you think of this new invention?

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