Show off your Mia Khalifa figure with a fitted pink dress

Show off your figure Mia Khalifa with fitted pink dress | Instagram

For the model and actress Lebanese Mia Khalifa to show off her figure is currently something of the most natural and above all flirtatious, she recently shared a video where he appears posing with a pink dress.

This publication was made by the beautiful celebrity through her Instagram account through her stories, it was shared six hours ago.

Mia khalifa She is posing in a photographic studio, the background that is both behind and below her is gray, immediately you can see part of the technical team that is taking the photos.

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For the flirty model and ex actress From cinema to entertainment for over 18s, becoming a model was pretty easy, posing in front of a camera has always been comfortable for Khalifa.

This beauty originally from Beirut, Lebanon She is lying on the floor, wearing this beautiful short-sleeved bubblegum pink dress, with a little twill on the top.

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Apparently this garment that he is wearing is quite long, because when recording part of his feet we see that the fabric is still a bit far from his feet, which by the way you cannot see if he is wearing shoes or not.

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