It is never too late to work on your feet and remove all the impurities that keep the skin dry and cracked, you only need a couple of ingredients that you must have at home and the results will be immediate.

This can be a way to permanently treat your feet and thus keep them hydrated and free of impurities.

What do you need?

Almonds oil

How do you do it?

Prepare a paste with both ingredients and apply it to each foot, massaging for 5 minutes and leaving to act for 10 more minutes.

Then remove with plenty of water and apply a normal moisturizer.

Almond oil contains vitamin E and is fully recommended by Government Medical College and Associated SMHS Hospital of India for use in cosmetic treatments.

It is for this reason that its application to the feet is of great help to begin to soften the hardness and impurities found in them.

For its part, the sugar will exfoliate the skin and in this way it will remove layer after layer the dead cells that have been clinging to your skin.

Repeat this process if possible every night for a month, and then use it a few times a week to keep it smooth.