Show off your belly Kimberly Loaiza! wears a crop top

Show off your belly Kimberly Loaiza!  wears a crop top (Instagram)

Show off your belly Kimberly Loaiza! wears a crop top | Instagram

Also known as La Lindura Mayor, Kimberly loaiza He shared two photographs that could calm the cravings of his followers, in the snapshots he is wearing a rather short and low-cut top, with which you can see part of his belly.

The surprise for her fans was immediate, her followers immediately began to comment on the publication that the beautiful singer, youtuber and businesswoman just uploaded to Instagram just a few minutes ago, in less than an hour she has managed to have more than 200 thousand likes ´s, it is something truly impressive.

The goal of Kimberly loaiza She shared these images because she wants her fans or her cuties as she refers to her fans with affection, so that they take advantage of SHEIN promotions and have some special discounts.

Cuties, don’t forget to take advantage of Cyber ​​Monday sales on SHEIN, they have discounts of up to -80% plus free shipping! “He wrote.

In the first photo, she appears wearing denim pants and a sky blue top, this is quite short so you can see a little of her belly, in the second photo we see her a little from the back, in the back she is see another neckline and her tiny waist.

Although the publication was made today, the truth is that these photographs are not recent, they are surely the photo shoot that they took to make the promotional of their clothing collection in collaboration with SHEIN itself that has become quite popular among its followers.


As you well know, for a few weeks now, several rumors have been around the interpreter of “You lost me” because she has been hiding her belly, either not showing it almost in the videos or photos she shares or simply wearing quite wide coats.

There are those who claim that it is pregnant Again but still does not want to share others, they mention that he is only making noise to become even more popular, however the rumors every day are getting louder, because the clothes he uses are also getting bigger.

In one of her most recent videos on her YouTube channel, she clarified the “rumors” about the supposed pregnancy, she herself affirmed that she was gaining weight because she needed to have an operation and had to gain a little weight, although at the time of finish giving his explanation smiled a little.

The only one that Kimberly loaiza achieved was to thrill her followers, with this video, by the fact that she and Juan de Dios Pantoja could give a little brother to Kima, as they have wanted so much and have also mentioned it on several occasions, the fact that they would like to have more family.

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Answer me please, I love you very much “,” Like if she is the most beautiful in the world “,” The most beautiful, I love you “, some comments she received.

In a short period of time her name has become synonymous with success, Kimberly Loaiza is not only YouTuber, but also a great businesswoman, model, influencer, star of social networks and now also of Tik Tok that by the way, she already has with the 16th place in the world top of people with the largest number of followers around the world, it is a great pride for Mexico that it has put its name high.

Coupled with this Kimberly loaiza She is also a dedicated mother, if the rumors of her pregnancy are true, we are sure that her fans will go crazy and fill her with love for the fact of adoring her so much.

Perhaps one of the reasons for not wanting to share her pregnancy at the moment is that when she was pregnant with Kima she had very serious moments due to certain negative comments they made towards her person, it could be the perfect pretext to keep such beautiful news hidden.

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