Show off a lot! Livia Brito retires her outfit in the middle of the sea

Show off a lot! Livia Brito retires her outfit in the middle of the sea | Instagram

Without words! This is how the followers of the beautiful actress of Cuban origin Livia Brito have remained, who shared a truly spectacular photo shoot on her official Instagram account. The spoiled Cuban from Mexico decided to go into the sea to get rid of the upper part of her swimsuit and stole hundreds of sighs.

How a beautiful mermaid looked Livia Brito Pestrana in the middle of the water with only the lower part of her swimsuit and a necklace of snails that made her look more beautiful than Ariel herself, her delicate hands were her accomplices to let the imagination fly, without showing everything.

The protagonist of The soulless She did not miss the opportunity to take a “dip” and enjoy the Sun and the sea in all its splendor, more than a job, this was a real pleasure for the beautiful actress.

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These photographs were shared by José Ron’s partner in May 2019 and obtained more than 160 thousand reactions on the famous social network. Along with the images, Livia brito shared a great message of perseverance.

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Brito was probably facing problems with the press at the moment, after the scandal that occurred with a paparazzi and his camera; that is why the model would also be talking about not giving up.

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When I look towards the horizon, I realize that I cannot give up, that there is a long way to go. #animo #happy #beach #playa #mar #sea #love #love, wrote the star next to the images.

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Currently and against what many wanted, Brito returned to television through the front door, starring once again in a great story next to the handsome José Ron. Many criticized José Alberto Castro for his decision, but those who love the talent of this beautiful woman greatly appreciate it.

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