“Show me what you have there”

The absence of access to the showers in ‘La casa fuerte’ for the campers has given of itself scenes of the most mischievous and fun. If a few days ago we saw how Tony Spina ended up enjoying a shower with Cristini Couto and Rebeca Pous to the annoyance of his partner, now it is his turn to Albert Álvarez, who was caught naked by the program’s team after sneaking through the window of one of the residents’ bathrooms.

Albert Álvarez, totally naked in ‘La casa fuerte 2’ Mediaset Spain

Desperate for a good shower, Albert snuck in unnoticed by his companions, at which point You could see him without clothes for a moment, when he undressed before washing himself. « I’ve been fed up, fried. I’ve been in there for a month, » protested the contestant, about the conditions of the campers, while taking a shower after covering the screen with several towels to prevent anything else from being seen. « I loved it, I would repeat it as many times as I can, » Albert acknowledged before the cameras, accompanied by a Marta Peñate who couldn’t help biting her lip, probably when she remembered the spicy episode they both starred in when Albert went back to camping.

« Are you level naked that I take off the towel and …? », Asked the contestant when she saw her partner covered only with a towel, after which she ran after him to the dressing room, screaming. « Albert, show me what you have, » Peñate asked, laughing, as he made a move to remove his towel. « I had to come out of the bathroom like a lover, » commented Álvarez, somewhat oblivious to the commotion he had caused in Marta. « Why are you doing these things? You are a provocateur. The only thing you want is to provoke me all day, man, » his partner reproached him, laughing, who pointed out that « I throw you off the towel with one finger and I see you all. »

« Everything looks sexy to him »

« One day I’ll take that towel off you, Albert », promised the contestant before her partner, when they both remembered the episode before the cameras. In fact, Peñate made several « attempts » to take the towel off Albert, who did not help to mitigate his partner’s emotion by confessing that « I am not wearing anything at all, I do not want to be exposed ». « Everything looks sexy to him, » Alvarez protested, after Marta melted when she gestured for him to leave. The contestant, in addition, ended up throwing some more firewood by removing the towel from his waist to hold it with his hands and hide what was underneath, while humming provocative music, before a crazy Marta.