Show charms! Livia Brito wears denim without containing them

Show charms! Livia Brito wears denim without holding them back | Instagram

Stealing hundreds of sighs! This is how The soulless life passes. The beautiful Livia Brito captured the attention of Internet users with a denim outfit that they will surely not forget and not because of what she was wearing, but because of what she was not wearing.

The protagonist of La Desalmada made a photo session that her followers liked a lot because she did not “take the house out the window”, more if her charms for those of a vehicle and this enchanted social networks.

Livia Brito Pestrana she decided to dress in a blue denim oberol to dazzle her audience; However, the decision that his followers appreciated the most was not to wear a bra under the beautiful outfit.

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The oberol braces of Livia brito They covered the most essential of his anatomy, but they left much of his charms in view, stealing hundreds of sighs. The set was complemented with some small accessories and a dark cap that made the Cuban actress look more flirtatious.

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The camera captured the exact moment when José Ron’s ex poked half her body out of the vehicle window pretending that she was looking for something, if it was the attention of her followers, she definitely found it!

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Currently, those who felt happy with the couple that formed in real life Livia and José Ron hope that their new protagonist brings them together again; However, this beautiful woman has already spoken about her relationship with her partner in La Desalmada.

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Livia Brito made it clear that she gets along very well with Ron, but just as she does with Eduardo Santamarina or Marlene Favela, making it clear that there is nothing else between them, only friendship and professionalism.

On the other hand, the actress indicated that she does not plan to get married, but she has been in a relationship for two years and is very happy, so the next step she would like to take as a couple is to become a mother for the first time.

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