VOEZ, that Rayark and Flyhigh Works music game that came to Nintendo Switch the same day that the hybrid console hit the market, has not stopped receiving updates that added song after song, all of them completely free of charge, with no need of spending a single penny more for any of them. Well, at the end of last August VOEZ received its update 1.7, which added a total of 14 new songs, bringing the total number of songs to 215. Now we have a minor update, 1.7.1, which although only Bringing a new tune to play in your three difficulties, fans of a certain sparkly blue knight with the musical title will be more than happy. Shovel Knight has arrived at VOEZ! More specifically, it does its main theme, composed by Jake Kaufman.

If a couple of weeks ago we knew that Shovel Knight had become the video game character with the most cameos or collaborations in other titles in the medium, here comes another crossover to add to the list. Being a special addition, which is a departure from the pattern of updates that VOEZ had until now, It has been sought that all players can enjoy the theme, although they have never played this musical arcade before.So his speed on easy difficulty is 2 points. That if in special mode is 15! You are going to leave your fingers to make it perfect! What do you think of this collaboration between Shovel Knight and VOEZ? As always, do not hesitate to tell us your opinions in the comments or on our social networks. Finally, we leave you with the trailer published by Flyhigh Works to celebrate the update. See you!

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