Shopping centers ask street vendors to regulate due to the rise in infections

Without regulation of informal or citizen responsibilitya, it will be difficult to face the pandemic, considered the director of the Association of Puebla Shopping Centers (Acecop), Andrés de la Luz Espinoza when pointing out that this sector will abide by the state government’s determination to reduce opening hours to the public.

After the government headed by Miguel Barbosa Huerta announced new preventive measures against the rise in infections of covid-19, which involves reduction of hours in cinemas, restaurants and establishments in shopping centers, the director of Acecop acknowledged that the economy will be affected since December is a time when consumption rebounds.

He considered that changes in the hours of shopping centers and businesses will be of no use if the government of the city of Puebla does not assume its responsibility for regulate the phenomenon of ambulantaje which continues to operate on city streets.

“At this time the important thing is to protect ourselves, preserve sources of employment, generate an economic benefit, but this effort will be of no use and the belt of formal trade is tightened if the municipal government does not generate actions that lead to putting limits on formal trade ”.

He stressed that since the beginning of the pandemic the shopping malls took action with the aim of being able to offer customers a safe shopping environment, with investments that to date represent more than 90 million pesos in measures to minimize virus infections.

He noted that the business sector is aware that health is a priorityHowever, he considered that actions should be taken regarding the factors that influence the increase in infections.

“Clearly the governor today said on the subject of informal trade, we are going to be institutional at all times and abide by this decree as it was announced in the morning. Although we are going to lose hours of customer service, we also understand that the priority is health over the economy ”.

He urged consumers to act responsibly in the face of the rebound in the pandemic, go out only what is necessary, wear a mask, maintain a healthy distance and focus shopping so as not to extend your stay in shopping centers.

« We ask citizens to assume their responsibility, it is no longer a matter of state government, of businessmen is an issue that has to do with social responsibility, use preventive measures, but it is also up to the municipal authority to take actions that lead to good common and not only affect a market segment, « he said.